Olavs Wood: The fauna of Oback Burn

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The wildlife of Oback Burn

Oback Burn runs through Olav's Wood. A SEPA (Scottish Environment Protection Agency) Ecology Sampling of the burn was undertaken at two sites in the woodland on the 9th October 2013: (1) In the top woodland above where the field drain comes in, and (2) just below the pools in the woods.

The results show a rich variety of wildlife, including stoneflies, caddis flies and mayflies, freshwater cockles and mud snails, freshwater shrimps, leeches, and a range of water beetles, including diving beetles, riffle beetles, marsh beetles and the tiny moss beetles.

If you are reading this survey in detail, you may wish to know that the BMWP (Biological Monitoring Working Party) score is used in the UK as a measure of the quality of the water and the environment of a body of water. It depends on the presence of various animals. For example, stoneflies are found only in environments with very little pollution. The average score of 77.5 means that the water quality of the burn is "Good" on this sampling.

Thanks to Andy Mitchell for making available the results of this SEPA Ecology Sampling.

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