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Historical photographs of Olav's Wood

Here is a gallery of old photographs of Olav's Wood. They were taken by Ken Brookman over a period of years and illustrate the woodland in its early days. Thanks to Andy Mitchell for sending these to the website. Full-size images are available by clicking on pictures.

For recent photographs of the woodland, visit the Galleries.

If any readers have other old photographs of the area, please consider contributing copies to the website. See the Contacts Page, for details of submission.

An early photograph of a ford across the burn in what was open countryside
and is now densely forested. Flaws and Holland are visible in the background. Earlier than 1990/91.
Another early photograph of Oback burn. Earlier than 1990/91.
The dam and pool on Oback burn and part of the woodland in its early years (possibly early 1990s).
Notice the small spruce trees, which now form a dense forest.
Part of the burnside area with the dam in the background. Winter 1992.
The burn in spate (1992).
May 2000.
May 2000.
From the East side of the burn looking North. May 2001.
An early photograph of the burn (undated).
An early photograph of a pool in the burn (undated).
The first trees planted in the woods. Sycamores planted by Helen Manson in the 1970s.