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As well as Helen and Stephen Manson and Olav Dennison, many other people have been involved in helping maintain and develop the woods. These include Alexander Annal, Barbara and Ian Bell, Ken Brookman, Edwina Lloyd, Andy Mitchell, Charlie Nicholson, Pete Oswald, Elli Pearson, Marlene and Gordon Thomson and Kevin Walls. If others have helped, please let me know and I'll acknowledge their contribution.

Here are some pictures of people associated with the woods. The first four pictures show Olav Dennison working in the woodlands (pictures taken 2009-2011).

Stephen Manson. [2011] Stephen Manson on his mower, keeping the paths open. [2011]
Andy Mitchell [2016] has undertaken extensive maintenance
of the woodlands over a number of years.
Strongman required for woodland maintenance!
Pete Oswald working on the paths in 2016.
Pete quarrying rocks for path maintenance.
The repaired path by the burn. [2016]
Repairing a path using tyres and gravel. [2016] The resulting repairs, at the entrance to Helen's Wood. [2016]
Rerouting a path away from the burn. [2016] A new facility designed by Pete Oswald
and opened in 2016: A boot wash!
Gordon Thomson and Stephen Manson
after installing a sign for Helen's Wood. [May 2015]
Anne Rydeheard by her mum's sign. [May 2015]
Pete Oswald repairing a bridge. [Aug 2015] This inventive "bee post" with the website address was
designed and installed by Pete Oswald. [Aug 2015]
The carpark was built by local volunteers in 2015. [July 2016] Patricia Cormack on Patricia's path. [Aug 2015]
Craig Manson by Craig's path. [Aug 2015] Craig Manson undertaking instruction from Olav. [Aug 2015]

Places: Other woodlands

Olav Dennision has been involved in developing woodlands around South Ronaldsay, Burray and on the Orkney Mainland. Pictures of a few of these are below. Full-size images are available by clicking on the pictures.

A view from the woodland of Cara, South Ronaldsay,
across to Burray. [Aug 2011]
An evergreen South American shrub, or small tree, (Lomatia sp.)
in its plastic protection on the Cara site. [Aug 2011]
Hedgebanks at Cara, including Fuchsia. [Aug 2011] Olav Dennison examining an Olearia traversii
(= O. traversiorum) at Cara. [Aug 2011]
The woodland at Lythes, South Ronaldsay, is an extensive area
north of Ward Hill. [Aug 2011]
Creeping Willow (Salix repens) growing on the Lythes site.
This species is quite variable here, with some
individuals possibly var. argentea. [Aug 2011]